Milenka “Mina” Dobic, Ph.D.

Born: October 15, 1942 - (formerly Yugoslavia)
Husband: Bosko - Two children: Srdjan and Yelena

In 1987 Mina was diagnosed with ovarian cancer state IV with metastases to the liver and lymph system and given two months to live. She declined the doctor’s recommendation for chemotherapy and radiation, and after researching other possibilities, decided to adopt the macrobiotic way of life and healing diet. Six and a half months later she was cancer free.

* Professor of Linguistics and World Literature - 30 years

* Director of Art & Education Program for Radio Indjija, free lance for Radio Belgrade, Radio Navi Sad - 11 years

* 1986 Recipient of Truth Award, 90 minute documentary entitled: The Survivors of the Holocaust

* Video of interview on International TV telling her story as a cancer survivor

* Writer, Organizer, Director of Annual National Event Programs such as President’s Birthday and Youth Day in formerly Yugoslavia

* Editor for several High School books in Serbo Croatian language

* Author of TV Series of well know and recognized Naïve (self taught) Artists in Europe

* In Yugoslavia: She appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. Her story was featured in several articles in local newspapers and magazines including Japanese Health Magazines

1987 - Arrived in the United States: Another page in her new way of life

* Certification from Kushi Institute - Macrobiotic Teacher and Counselor (Oriental Medicine and Philosophy, Food and Nutrition)

* Certified by the state of California through The School of Healing Arts, San Diego, CA - Nutritional Sciences, Food Sciences and Human Nutrition - conducts lectures and cooking classes at the School

* Organized first macrobiotic support group for cancer survivors in Hollywood

* Vogue Magazine - May 1997 issue

* Director of Hollywood Celebrity Fund Raiser Event for The Kushi Macrobiotic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History

* Seminar leader and lecturer in U. S., Canada, Holland, Yugoslavia

* Appointed by Kushi Institute to serve as its Representative at The First Annual Whole World Health Forum March 1998

* Presently engaged in macrobiotic food preparation and lecture series video for submission to TV networks

* Coordinator and Instructor of quarterly macrobiotic seminars scheduled at The Ritz Carlton, Dana Point, CA

* Lecturer, Instructor and Teacher of Macrobiotic Cooking Classes for Yoga Retreats and Executive Chefs at The Ritz Carlton, Dana Point, CA

* San Diego Reader featured article on Mina Dobic January 8, 1998

* San Diego Union Tribune Article, April 1998

* Orange Coast Magazine Article - Big Mac, October 1999

* Interview on PBS, July 1999

* San Diego Channel 9 - January 10, 1998 Evening News reporting on Macrobiotic Cooking Class and Dinner sponsored by the Macrobiotic Association of Southern California

* U.S. Coordinator for and interviewed by Japanese TV film crew preparing documentary on history of macrobiotics past, present and future

* Interview on Orange County TV Channel, Program: What in the World, Topic: There is a Way

* Interviewed by Mike Siegel, Host of Web Broadcast Program, Cyberstation May 11, 1999, Topic: Cancer Treatments, Prevention and Cure

* Radio interview in Kaui, Hawaii with Dr. Ann West, March 12, 2000

* Her story appears in: The Cancer Prevention Diet and Cancer Free

* Autobiography: My Beautiful Life: How Macrobiotics Brought me from Cancer to Radiant Health, Findhorn Press, Inc., January 2000, English and translated into Serbian, Czech, Hungarian

* Video: “With Love, Mina” - Promotional 15 minute short film produced by Sunrise Film Productions: Visual Synopsis of 90 minute documentary which is in process, January 2000

* Conducted Seminars at Third Annual European Summer Conference in Amsterdam, July 2002

* European Book Tour - 2003: TV, radio interviews, lectures in Budapest at Center of Alternative Medicine, lectures in Belgrade, at University of Western Medicine

* European Tour and Book Promotion – October 2004: Budapest, Hungary – Interviews on National TV and radio; articles in magazines; Article entitled: Crime & Diet: The Growing Epidemic Among Youth – submitted to International Peace Conference; Seminars, Lectures, trained Executive Chefs at Gundel – 5 star Hotel and Restaurant.
Belgrade, Navi Sad, Serbia Montenegro – Interviews on National TV and radio – Articles in daily newspapers and magazines, Seminars, Lectures

* European Tour with Mr. Michio Kushi (founder of the Kushi insttute and acknowledged leader for the natural health movement in America) and Second Edition Book Promotion for Serbian language – November 10th - 28th 2005: Budapest, Hungary – Interviews on National TV and radio; articles in magazines; Article entitled: Crime & Diet: The Growing Epidemic Among Youth – submitted to International Peace Conference; Seminars, Lectures, trained Executive Chefs at Gundel – 5 star Hotel and Restaurant.
Belgrade, Navi Sad, Serbia Montenegro – Interviews on National TV and radio – Articles in daily newspapers and magazines, Seminars, Lectures

* Clients include many well known Hollywood celebrities:
Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Madonna and Guy Richie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Blythe Danner, Alicia Silverstone, Steven Seagal, Rachel Weisz , Vanessa Marcil


"Mina's story of her life is moving as well as amazing. Her journey from Yugoslavia to California and how she overcame her own cancer, has inspired others who are sick to seek her help. Her healing advice has seen me through many of my illnesses with her love, compassion and insights."

- Dr. Benjamin Spock -
Pediatrician and Author

“Mina’s counseling and wisdom have improved my health and the health of my family immensely.  She has shown us how healing and how destructive food can be.  She has been a great inspiration.”

- Madonna -
Singer, Actor

"Mina Dobic is an intuitive woman committed to the liberation of humanity and One Peaceful World. Growing from patient to healer and motivated by a sincere desire to fulfill her goal, she taught thousands how to transform their sicknesses and misery into health, happiness and peace."

- Michio Kushi -
Acknowledged Leader of the International Macrobiotic Community and Natural Food Movement

“Mina has been a great ally to me during my transition to a more natural lifestyle.  Her insight into macrobiotic healing is profound.  She is both a wonderful woman and a powerful healer.”

- Gwyneth Paltrow -

"Five years ago, in good health I became macrobiotic. Four years ago, I met Mina and through her precise and caring guidance I began to finally really live, not only exist. God Bless you, Mina."

- Monty Montgomery -
Hollywood Producer, Writer, Director

"I am overwhelmed by the beauty, insight, and courage of this book. Mina is a special kind of healer. This book will give you a wonderful tool for maintaining your health. It will also give you a refreshing and insightful way of looking at any health challenge."

- Bill Duke -
Hollywood Director, Actor, Author

"Mina Dobic is widely considered L.A.’s most expert macrobiotic health consultant." Vogue Magazine, May 1997 "Mina truly is in the business of saving lives through changes in lifestyles and healthy eating. The results are dramatic and indisputable."

- Ashley Goodwin -
Manager of Special Events,
The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguell

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My Beautiful Life
by Mina Dobic

The story of Mina Dobic and her family is a modern odyssey. Her journey to health and wholeness weaves together many of the transcendent themes of the last half-century; the struggle between communism and a free society, the conflict between conventional medicine and holistic health, and the centrifugal forces pulling apart the modern family and the unifying thread that holds it together.

Along the way, Mina passed from cancer victim to cancer survivor, from patient to healer, from student to teacher. Born and having lived in former Yugoslavia for over 40 years, today she is one of the leading macrobiotic cooks and counselors on the West Coast of the USA, inspiring many others with her wisdom, love and compassion.

Thanks to the Dobics and many other families around the world, macrobiotics is beginning to enter the mainstream and influence the course of modern society.

Despite notable strides by the medical research community introducing newly developed therapies and medications, every 15 seconds someone is diagnosed with heart disease or cancer. At the turn of the century cancer affected one out of twenty-seven people. By 1950, the rate had leaped to one in eight; and by 1985, official estimates were that one out of three people would develop the disease.

If cancer continues increasing at this rate, by the year 2000, every other person could ultimately develop it. By the year 2020, cancer could strike four out of five people and, soon thereafter, virtually everyone!

This book tells how to recover from cancer and, better yet, how to prevent it through diet and a simple lifestyle. It explains the philosophy of living in balance with nature. It reminds us how we humans, with our emphasis on fixing things and arrogance of improving on nature, have brought ourselves and other species to the verge of extinction.

This book is about something which is missing in this present world. It is about love, about the real purpose of life which is to nurture and celebrate ourselves, other creatures, the earth, and the Universe which gave us life. It gives us hope for humankind and for the world.
"This book is simple but lovely. I have personally had Mina Dobic as my teacher and councelor for over 3 years now and can honestly say she and the macrobiotic lifestyle have made a tremendous difference in my life. I look and feel younger, and when I follow her instructions I feel just like "super-woman!" If there was one perfect individual to recommend this book to it would have to be to a person who is suffering from a serious illness such as cancer. From this book you'll learn that there IS hope and there is another option in the way of healing. Mina Dobic's "My Beautiful Life" is proof that macrobiotics really does work!"

- Alicia Silverstone -

It is so inspiring to hear Mina's story-As a Southern California Holistic School Owner, Educator and Practitioner, I was first introduced to the 100's of people Mina had helped after she cured herself and before she published this book. Since she wrote this book, she has gone on to help 1000's of people. Going through the ordeal she went through, has obviously become a most effective method of initiating health benefits in contrast to the experiments and double blind studies of allopathic research- Mina's intuition and her desire to show everyone that they too can heal themselves, is the mark of a true healer. Her book is a solid example to inspire others to lead "a beautiful life". Thank-YOU MINA

- Seymour Koblin -

Upon reading this gem of a book I felt overwhelmingly inspired to alter my way of life and take a healthier and more simplistic approach to healing myself and raising my children. Mina's story touches on a groundbreaking topic that is on the horizon of alternative medicine - Macrobiotics. The way in which Mina recounts her own battle against cancer and her heroic victory is not only inspiring, but also brings hope to those people who are facing grave illness and have nowhere else to turn. She offers her direct knowledge and personal experiences as true examples of how diet and lifestyle choices can directly impact your physical, mental and emotional health. Her education, training and insightful wisdom as a Macrobiotic Counselor are a true testament of her fervent dedication to spreading the awareness about Macrobiotics around the world. Mina is a powerful advocate for public health and an unwavering beacon of truth. Most importantly, Mina is a professional Instructor who wholeheartedly practices what she preaches.

- Julie Parker -

Mina has done everyone a great service. Her story is a modern profile in courage.
Against all odds she recovered her health, peace, and life. This book is a gem!

- Edward Esko -

Whoever heard of Mina, had a chance to meet her, work with her or read her book knows what a generous and insightful individual she is. And if you've tried to purchase her book then you know how difficult it has been to get a hold of a copy - because the first edition is SOLD OUT. Following pure logic, it would be paradoxical to conclude or pronounce that this book, now in second edition, is poorly written or accusatory proclaiming a writer a quack with a capitalist agenda. That is just pure arrogance. By writing a scathing review of this book, one would only be prohibiting those in critical condition from working their way back to health. Because certain individuals have decided to unload their aggression on something and someone that they know very little - or nothing - about is ludicrous. After all, Mina's book was adopted into the literary archives at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC and it is not so often that an author is granted with such an honorable privilege. Mina's story is insightful and written in an unselfish tone rich with passion and a genuine love for life. Anyone that has ever wanted to fight their illness and succeed should read this book as a firts-hand example that it can be done.

- Mark Poe -

Luckily, this book came to me at a time of crisis. Mina's story inspired me to change my own life and health. No matter what medical science has to say about how diet, lifestyle or emotions affect our healing there is one indisputable fact, Mina after being diagnosised with terminal cancer is still here almost 20 years later to tell her story. I personally will be forever grateful to her for sharing her story. A story that has helped so many others to create their own stories of healing in their own lives. I thank Mina and macrobiotics for my wonderful health and for helping me to create my own wonderful life.

- Laura Taylor -

Mina's story may well be one of the most important books you buy this year, because it may extend your life,
improve your lifestyle, even help you heal yourself.

Twenty years ago Mina was diagnosed with a terminal cancer and still, considering of what painful ordeal she went through, she courageously chose a way of seeking healthful alternatives to recover from a particularly serious disease. We might think how fortunate she is to able to seek solace in such a path, but that path of healing was chosen by her, because she believed in it. That belief kept her going and today she is a living proof that if we take charge of our own health, we can conquer almost any disease.

Whatever our opinion of her reasons for this journey, with her story, Mina showed that she is an excellent writer. In every chapter, she brings forward her wit, intellect, love and heart. More than that, she brought a great deal of courage, to share her story, her experience with others, with one goal only - to help as many people to heal themselves from serious illnesses. From that standpoint her book is as much interesting and successful as both a resource and motivational statement.

Thank you Mina for this moving and encouraging book.
Please, keep on teaching and inspiring people toward health and well-being.

- With respect, Oto Ekres -

Macrobiotics isn't just miso soup or seaweed curing cancer - it is much more involved than that. It's about allowing your body to regain its healing power. Mina gives you a glimpse of what healing naturally looks like. Her journey is one of courage and perseverance against unfavorable odds from the medical community. More and more individuals are facing this same type of diagnosis or living with chronic illness. This book is an inspiration to many people whether they are facing a health challenge or just want to eat healthier and live a more natural lifestyle.

- Karen Bryson -

Mina Dobic's book is an intensely personal testimony to her own triumph over one of the most deadly killer diseases on the planet - in her case ovarian cancer! Her purpose clearly is to open the door of hope to millions of desperate souls who have been diagnosed with "incurable" or advanced stage cancer - those who have undergone or are facing radical surgical procedures or debilitating Chemotherapy. In reading some recent reviews of her book on-line, I am mystified by some of her detractors.

Why should we discount this courageous woman's personal victory? Is it because we don't want to admit that we are dissatisfied with what conventional medicine has to offer? The medical community is not the villain here, but the "best" they have to offer cancer patients is an extreme, almost barbaric approach, that in practice too often kills the patient with the cure! In effect these methods destroy the body's immune system in order to cure the disease. Thereby disabling our own God-given, natural defense system against disease! For many, it does seem a counter indicated path to take.

Mina Dobic's philosophy - from her own personal story - seems to be; that if the body is somehow capable of growing and multiplying these diseased cancer cells - then that same body can also reverse itself and head back in the opposite direction and rebound to good health. She advocates this through a cleansing process (Macrobiotic Diet) that will starve the diseased cells and cause them to shrink and eventually disappear.

Mina's approach- as outlined in her book - is not to discredit Surgeons and Oncologists whose motivation is also to cure...but to illustrate that if you have the guts to educate yourself and `take charge' of your own health and life...instead of abdicating that responsibility entirely over to the medical profession...You have a good chance of winning the battle! After all, there's always the option of combining both methods. Many surgeons today, welcome a combined approach to a cure. Granted, it requires courage, discipline and determination, but that's what Mina Dobic is all about!

I say Bravo! There may be some phonies out there in Alternative Land...But, knowing her work personally as I do,
Mina is certainly not one of them!

- Raquel Welch -
Actress and Healthy Living Advocate

Since April of 1996 my wife and I are exploring macrobiotic way of living, cooking, thinking... and with our friends and families we see ongoing growth of health, peace and love around us. I often wish I knew this way when I was younger.

I grow up as Judo competitive sportsman and I've tried many diets, but non of them had lasting effect on me, with no special meaning or depth... until I've had Mina's miso soup !!!

That soup I will never forget. It was organic fresh corn miso that was so beautiful to eye, with rich yellow color, artistically tin diagonally cut organic green onions, with sweet taste that wormed my stomach and then that special pleasant current of energy that spread inside of me... That was the moment I knew i found my elixir.

I never cooked before I thought it was waste of my time. Now I spend almost few ours in the kitchen every day. And now I consider that as the best investment in life. Cooking is precious, it is the most important art anybody can learn and it is alchemy of living . Our well being is our priority and I am happy to say that despite our long business ours, working as professionals in the film industry with average 12-14 hour days, we took active roll in our health. We took macrobiotic way as prevention, and although on each film production food is provided every six hours, in our short breaks we chose to eat food that we prepared fresh at home each morning in our loving atmosphere, and our kitchen became pharmacy of life. We cook our home remedies when we are out of balance.

With my lovely wife Irena being great cook and as a partner curious artist, we together have achieved many new levels of personal transformation and we are still learning since there is no top of that mountain of personal rediscovery.

Thanks to the that small group of courageous people who committed their lives to create positive difference in the world and spread the word, we have discovered the education about health, peace, love and personal freedom. Withought them this ancient knowledge would disappear and was already pushed in to the dark corner due to development of machines and industrialization.

Thank you founders of the modern macrobiotic way George Ohsawa, Michio Kushi, and especially our dear friend and teacher Mina Dobic and their loving families.

With you hope for healthier and happier world is alive. We are waiting to read more of your books and see you in more media on TV and films, that will inspire and support hugh audience to take on their health into their hands, until this human way becomes main stream and machines becomes museum artifacts.

In the bigger circles of our influence it seems that organic consciousness of ancient wisdom combined with modern technological advancements is growing and there is possibility that we as human beings will transform our current physical and spiritual pollution into more positive way and with that achieve now unimaginable levels of human development.

Create yourselves a great day, create the best of your life

- Irena & Sasha -